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Thanks to the profesional and quality services offered by Del Mar Group we have successfully outsourced our small business accounting needs. We have goten prompt and curteous attention from all the staff at Del Mar Group. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship.

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Loans and international Financing

Types of Loans:
We have developed relations with important Financial Organizations that they provide financings for international projects. Depending as large as the project, of their location, the predicted use and the configuration, the following types of financing transactions can be transacted: Acquisition of commercial properties and refinancing, development of projects and construction of projects; investor and/or obtaining collateral; attainment of governmental lines of credit if they are used in the project component national of the country that grants the loan; and, loans guaranteed by banking guarantees emitted by Banks recognized and prestigious in the emission country.

Loans Amount:
From USD $1.000.000 until USD $ (American dollars).

Time of study:
According to the agility in the provision of the required information and documentation for the transaction.

Characteristics of the Financing:
Loans that specialize in the little conventional financing, where the speed and the attention to the special circumstances are critics. The program of loans has done of the participant Financial Organizations of the greatest moneylenders in the international market. The importance of the speed is recognized and that the loans are due to often structure around the unique system of the financial circumstances of each client.

Term for payment:
Loan with flexible term from 2 years to 7 years.

Advanced Payment:
The loans can be cancelled at any time without penalties.

Use of the Loan:
The loans are made specifically for the intentions of the business only.

Value of the Loan:
The value of the loan can vary from 50% to 60% of the commercial value of the collateral one offered to guarantee the credit, based on the sale price considered in given cash a time for commercialization of 90-120 days.

If the loan is going away to use for the renovation or the construction, the final value of the loan can be based on the value of the project already developed, and would be approved and disbursed by stages, in agreement with the advance of the construction, and therefore, with the generation of additional guarantee.

Interest rates:
The rates vary depending on the collateral one offered, of the structure of the loan and the country.

Real estate properties and other fixed or liquid assets.

Attainment of Construction Companies:

The key of the successful projects is in a guessed right planning, development and financing, taking the decisions guessed right in the guessed right time based on the guessed right information. This requires a multidisciplinary approach that integrates complex technical considerations with a model informed and comprehensive of the guides of the value of a project and the optimal financial structure. A series of international Construction Companies with the Associated Financial Groups provides a complete range of services of planning, development and financing of projects, supported in their engineering, attainment, construction and maintenance services.

Some also offer competitive alternatives of financing and leasing by means of their near relations with international Financial Organizations. They count on high standards of quality based on their reputation by integrity and excellent record of executed International projects and have personnel with the experience necessary to finish any type of project.

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