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Our trained and certified professionals can
help you or your firm achieve quality results.




Thanks to the profesional and quality services offered by Del Mar Group we have successfully outsourced our small business accounting needs. We have goten prompt and curteous attention from all the staff at Del Mar Group. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship.

- World Wide Trading Group



DEL MAR & ASSOCIATES, INC. is incorporated in the Division of Corporations of the Department of State of the State of Florida, United States of America, since 2,002. We help in the preparation of forms of immigration to low cost, giving priority to quality and profitability over quantity, offering our clients an extensive portfolio of services with an innovative attitude.

Each and every client is equally important to us and we strive to deliver best quality advice with reasonable and affordable cost of our services. We have large experience and our professionals are helpful and friendly, focused on help each client to their goals as easily as possible.


We can incorporate your business in the State of Florida in the United States of America, is a big step towards your success and the success of your business. There are many benefits of incorporate your business. There are three business entity types to consider when you are deciding the structure your business, there are Corporation, Incorporated and Limited Liability Company, that offer the highest level of liability protection.

As you review the characteristics of incorporating or forming an entity, you have to be sure to keep in mind both the present and future needs of your business. We can offer you an incorporation package that's right for you. Our specialists are on hand to explain the process clearly and simply. We have competitive prices.

This integral service of Virtual Office offers you the opportunity to obtain executive offices and commercial direction in the city of Miami (USA), with a range of attentions that allows you to as much heighten the image of its business as at personal level, according to the characteristics of yours requirements, and specially we have in account that with a low cost you obtain the wished benefits. With us you can remain in any country of the world that we will be in charge to maintain you informed through electronic mail, fax, telephone calls, etc.

We offer you physical address and commercial allowing you to extend the services required by you in the outside world, thus like, for legal, migratory effects, new companies, businesses; commercial, personal, and others aspects inside of the United States of America. Ideal for small, new companies and in transit that wishes to operate or simply to have a representation in Miami (USA).


ASSETS ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC. is a Company operating in the south of the State of Florida since 1.999. We offer specialized accounting and tax services, taking care of the unique and distinct needs of individuals, small and medium businesses Companies. Today’s competitive business climate has converged to complicate the Company’s accounting and tax planning and development. Our accounting and tax practices bring together a distinctive combination of planning, development, and regulatory experience to help our clients in the specific needs of each one.

We have specialized knowledge and have dedicated relationships with each client. Our accounting and tax professionals are in the business of developing new ideas and solutions, which are applicable for the economic sectors in which our clients operate.

We are proud members of:


DEL MAR & ASSOCIATES, INC. is an International Trader Company, since the year 2,002. We operate as Representative of many Organizations and Companies inside United States of America and in the Countries of the Continent of America.

We are Broker between buyers and sellers, and we have direct connections with end sellers and end buyers of all type of products and services.

We are associates and/or partners with individuals and small, medium, and large Companies worldwide in different levels, providing access to trade and business opportunities, and offering select trade and business services.

The Division of Loans and International Financing of DEL MAR & ASSOCIATES, INC. is in charge of the transaction and attainment of loans for projects in different economic sectors. We have developed relations with important Financial Organizations that provide financing for international projects. Loans that specialize in the no conventional financing, where the speed and the attention to the special circumstances are critics.

The program of loans has done of the participant Financial Organizations some of the greatest money lenders in the international market. The importance of the speed is recognized and that the loans are due to often structure around the unique system of the financial circumstances of each client.


We offer all the lines of Insurance. If you are owner or you rent, you have to protect your property and your personal goods. We promise to find the best policy to meet your needs, and to continuously monitor your situation in case those needs change. By the other side, we will work with you to develop a life insurance plan that is affordable and one that will protect you and your family in today's unpredictable world.
We do not stop at the structure of your property; we will make certain that personal goods and possessions are covered as well. We will find the right life insurance plan for you to ensure peace of mind and security for you and your beneficiaries; we believe that having the correct life insurance policy is a great investment for your family's future.
We help you and/or your Business to fill out the legal forms that fits your needs looking for the right documents saving time & money, with your information using a simple and intuitive process. We have many models of customizable legal documents covering a great variety of Home and Business situations.

There are available to fill out personal, small business, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporation legal forms; including for example: Since marriage & premarriage, divorces and child support, to copyright, patents, trademark, contracts, and many more forms.